Friday, August 2, 2013

happy friday!

sauce is pro chopper :)
Another week closer to the competition. Yikes! I'm happy to FINALLY be dropping some pounds. I hope this is the beginning of a solid losing streak. Jenn made a few small tweaks to my diet and exercise plan this week and it definitely paid off. It's amazing how much small victories can change your mood! :)

Sauce and I are going to the Quabbin tomorrow for a long walk. It's been such a nuisance to leave the house lately - I almost don't want to go. No matter where I go I need to pack at least two meals. Sometimes I feel kind of weird carrying around my cooler bag everywhere. I guess it's no more strange than eating cold sweet potatoes or oatmeal while I drive... Both skills I've mastered this week.

P.S. - If anyone is reading and wants to buy me a present... I really want this adorable cooler bag!

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