Thursday, July 25, 2013

15 weeks out!

mad at my dry chicken
I'm sore. I want peanutbutter. I'm sick of feeling puffy. This week still isn't going very well. :(

I have been trying to avoid my nemesis (the scale) and I've done a decent job at that. I just feel very puffy and not any slimmer. I consider myself a pro-dieter, so it's surprising to me that I'm not seeing any changes yet. I'm trying so hard to trust the process and Jenn's coaching abilities but it's draining when I don't feel great. I know I have plenty of time until the competition so I'm trying to stay positive.

Tomorrow we are having lobster at work! I'm excited and will be bringing my food scale to make sure I get my 5 oz. Obsessed? Maybe. I'm thankful my coworkers are supportive and don't try to sabotage me.

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