Thursday, July 11, 2013

everyone has to start somewhere

the only pic of me in a bikini you'll see for awhile!
This is something I will be telling myself repeatedly over the next 14 weeks as I go through my journey from a regular gal to a first time bikini competitor. 

Tomorrow morning I meet with Coach Jenn and training officially begins! We will be taking "before" pics (yikes) and going over the diet, training plan, supplements, etc. This is the moment I've been anxiously awaiting the past three months. It seems so long ago that I started talking with Jenna about competing! I'm grateful that we are doing this together. 

I'm feeling excited and really motivated. I can't wait to get going and in a routine. I planned on making some type of vision/motivation board, but haven't gotten around to that yet... Hopefully within the next week I can get going on creating some type of motivational stuff. I know I'll need it. I want to make sure I do everything in my power to set myself up for success. I know this will mean skipping social events that undoubtedly will revolve around eating and drinking and distancing myself from friends and family who aren't supportive. I'm worried about becoming a social reject/hermit, but getting on stage and feeling great in a bikini for the first time ever will totally be worth any sacrifices. I have a good idea of who I can count on to support me - so let's hope they stick by my through my journey!

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