Saturday, July 20, 2013


After 5 days of following my bikini competition diet/exercise plan, I figured my weight would have gone down a bit or at least stayed the same. This was not the case. ugh. After meeting with Jenn today and weighing in, I'm up about 2 lbs! How is this possible? I'm feeling so discouraged. This is not at all how I expected the first week to go. I did the workouts, followed the plan and got no results. I did get crazy with my eating and drinking last Saturday night, but I thought that wouldn't have affected today's weigh in. Anyway - I'm cranky and feeling miserable. I'm hoping the next week goes better.

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I feel your frustration, I myself have been trying to tone up for a while now. I have realized that it doesn't happen over night, but also that what you eat and how much you eat makes a big difference. Moderation and fresh fruits & vegetables + lean protein have made a difference for me. Would love it if we could follow each other, love inspiring others & learning from them along the way. :)) You can check out my blog @