Thursday, July 18, 2013

eating vs life

After waiting an absurdly long time, I finally have an in-person interview tomorrow for a job that I really really really want! Fingers crossed.

The one problem: interview is at 12:30...

Don't they know that is when I eat meal 3?! I'm going to pack my cooler with some meals and try to arrange my eating schedule around the interview. With temperatures in the 90's, I'm worried that all of my precious food might go bad in the car. Do I try to disguise my huge cooler-bag and bring it in to my interview? Or try to get something that fits my meal plan at a restaurant after? Or wait until I'm home to eat? I don't want any more stress on top of already being nervous for my interview. I know that preparation is key to success, so I will do my best, but UGH!

Balancing a normal life with my eating schedule is something that worries me. I'm hoping it gets easier the further along I get. I don't like having to live by these certain times that I need to eat, but I realize it's necessary. Wah.

Cheers! happy hour, locker room style.
Legs day was super long yesterday. Jenna and I were at the gym for almost two hours! It was surprisingly enjoyable, minus a weird pain in my butt/leg area. We are doing an awesome job at keeping this as fun as possible. Even though having a drink together now means chugging some foamy protein shake rather than enjoying a refreshing cosmo...

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